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Our Residential Services

We are a specialized garage door company. 

There is no job too small or too large for us to tackle. 

When you need a service we are here in a heart beat. 

Just give us a call 24/7 customer service.

Here’s what we’ve been working on

New Garage Door | Replacement Panel

Free estimates on new garage doors. 

The technician will be glad to help you satisfy your taste with the proper colour & model of door for your home to look spectacular.

A broken panel? That can easily be fixed, ordered the same day to get the door fixed as soon as possible.

Broken Cable | Door leaning unto one side 

Your cable broke while opening or closing the door? Give us a call for a service call, our technician will be more then happy to get it fixed for you to have your door working properly again.

Torsion or Extension Spring 

At La Puerta Inc. we have both torsion and extension springs. 

When you order a new door the technician will normally inform you if they use the torsion or extension spring according to your garage, and also garage space. 

Door Openers | Chain Drive or Belt Drive | MyQ 

Garage door opener is broken? Our qualified technician will take a look at it if they can fix it witch is better and cheaper for you they will. If they can't fix it they will talk to you about our big variety of openers and they will help you find the right one for your garage door. 


When a service is done at your house there is always a minimum warranty that applies. The warranties will vary depending on the service done. Just ask the technician and they will be glad to answer your question.

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once the service will be done at your beautiful home, you will be satisfied 100% with the immaculate work our technician has provided for you. 

24/7 customer service

Free Estimates 


Same Day Appointments

Call us or e-mail us with our 24/7 service call a customer will be glad to help you the same day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once you contact La Puerta Inc. 

You will be 100% satisfied with our work.

Call us now!

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